The seed has been planted,

    blooming 2020.

    ~• Love Always Wins •~

    A healing collection of heart-centered poetry

    © Sara Winick - Herrington

    Blessings are things that we often deny,

    we close up our hearts,

    and we turn a blind eye.


    We think that perhaps,

    we're not worthy of gain,

    because we've been taught to hide behind pain.


    But Love is preparing you for all that you're worth,

    it starts from within,

    and comes out in small bursts.


    Those little rushes,

    shall rise to your skin,

    and there you will feel that,

    Love Always Wins.

  • "...for nothing I'll ever know for sure except Love, shall Always Win."

    For everyday I awaken,

    to reality and the sun,

    I'm offered opportunity,

    to forgive and Love everyone.


    The blinders have been taken,

    the curtains and the veil,

    nothing blocks my vision,

    it's all in God's details.


    I'm open, yes, I'm living,

    I see all that I've done,

    I know today's a better day,

    because it has begun.


    So here I stand,

    solid and sure,

    I look into the light,

    acknowledging right here and now,

    that I'll no longer fight.


    Surrendering to my highest good,

    let not one second pass,

    realize my purpose here,

    be thankful for the past.


    All my teachers,

    all the gifts,

    the lessons and the falls,

    were never sent to hurt me,

    but push me to evolve.


    Change is now,

    it can't be stopped,

    I'm proud and I can grin,

    for nothing I'll ever know for sure except Love, shall Always Win.


  • "...there's truth behind this message, it's Love, it Always Wins."

    Life isn't a Facebook update,

    it's not a text,

    or pic of the day,

    it's reality for each of us,

    often suffering,

    which seems to stay.


    But stick around through the hard parts,

    face challenges with a grin,

    there's truth behind this message,

    it's Love,

    it Always Wins.


    The more that you put out there,

    the more you will receive,

    it's not too late for anyone,

    dig in,

    roll up your sleeves.


    Do the work,

    peel back the layers,

    bow and give a nod,

    the only reward at the end of this life,

    is all the Love from God.


    Tap into it,

    then you'll see,

    the truth is right at hand,

    there's nothing left to do right now,

    so relax into his plan.

  • "...it'll all work out,

    because Love will Always Win."

    Need some inspiration,

    to start or end your day,

    look into the mirror,

    Hey you made it, you're okay!


    Even if you find,

    that you haven't got it all,

    worry not about that,

    God will catch each fall.


    It's noted in his big book,

    the one you cannot see,

    he's tallying all your goodness,

    driving your destiny.


    So relax a bit,

    or a lot,

    be thankful,

    crack a grin,

    now you know,

    it'll all work out,

    because Love will Always Win.


    A little scrape,

    a wee heartbreak,


    or without fight,

    never mind,

    what you feel,

    you are Love and you are Light.


    And while I'm on the subject,

    let me please just say,

    I'm so glad you've made it,

    so we can dance and we can play.


    Nothing is so serious,

    even sickness or no wealth,

    God has got you covered,

    your heart is on his shelf.

  • "...and shared Love will Always Win."

    Make time in life for what matters,

    people, and spiritual things.

    Do yourself a favor,

    you'll feel better,

    your soul will sing.


    They say that nothing changes,

    if changes are not made,

    I cannot stress this point my friends,

    your life is yours to save.


    Go gently into this moment,

    envision peace and wear a grin,

    know that God has got your hand,

    and shared Love will Always Win.

  • "...but I know that I can silence that voice with Love, which Always Wins."

    Whatever gets you through the day,

    will get you through an hour,

    sitting on a cushion,

    or whistling in the shower.


    Notice how the mind is wild,

    then see it when it's calm,

    there really is a difference,

    it's either weak or strong.


    Everything takes practice,

    no one's a pro just overnight,

    you have to want a better way,

    to help you live your life.


    Meditation isn't easy,

    but then life rarely is,

    the reason why I do it,

    is I was once afraid to live.


    So I accept this gift I have in me,

    the ability to be quiet,

    I use the tools whenever I can,

    to battle inner riots.


    The chaos that this world creates,

    comes screaming in the wind,

    but I know that I can silence that voice with Love,

    which Always Wins.

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