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  • Love Always Wins

    Poetry and Meditations from
    an Emotional Support Canadian

    Often referred to as the “Dr. Seuss of Love,” I offer these poems as part of a meditation practice.


    These poems are a blend of my philosophy on life, based on experiential wisdom, from thousands of hours spent in silent meditation.


    It is my hope that you find this curation of heartwork easily digestible, and (likely) fun to read.


    Ponder them, return to them often for guidance or reflection, and allow them to take root in your daily life.


    May this book of poetry resonate deeply, bringing positivity and peace.

    May all beings be happy.


    In this year where so many are feeling unsettled, alone, angry, or afraid, I hope that these poems will guide readers to personal reflection, growth, and love.

    After all, Love Always Wins!

  • Heartfelt Reviews

    Highly recommended!

    "What a wonderful book filled with encouragement, hope, love, and gratitude! It's a wonderful reminder to just slow down and find peace in simple things in life! Love Always wins is not only a saying but a way of life for Sara, and that we can now share her wise words with so many is such a blessing!" Mandy

    Like a cup of warm milk

    "This collection is like a cup of warm milk on a cold night. Comforting, uplifting, hopeful. Every time you pick it up you feel a gentle hug." Judy

    Love the positive waves!

    "Are you ready for some good vibes? This book is a must read. Just jump to any page any day and feel the love!

    It's fun to wake up with Sara...her positive energy exudes every page!

    Turn off the tv, radio, iPhone etc. Just read this!" Love T (Anthony)

    Great book by a very spiritual writer

    " I bought a copy for myself and my girlfriend. We decided to read it aloud to each other and it was really nice. It was a great way to connect." JKennedy

    Beautiful soul exploration

    "Sara Winick Herrington every page is beautiful and so relatable and applicable to anyone trying to find their way on this planet. I've mostly flipped through and read randomly just having received this gem but I'm so proud for you. This was quite the feat being published after all the spiritual work to create your prose. I love it! This is a wonderful text to sit down with when you're seeking gratitude and love." Beth

  • Are you a

    Bee-liever of Happiness?


    "Bee Happy"

    Bee-ing Happy is very important. Not enough bee-ings know how to do it. When one bee has had enough, will it learn to bee happy and free?


    Bee Happy is an activity book for all ages, encouraging you to color outside the lines. Bee-cause there are no lines ... and no pictures.

    Bee Happy

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