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You are a Butterfly


Perhaps all you need,

is a little Encouragement,

to break free of your cocoon

Once I was a caterpillar,

until everything started to change.

I discovered I was a Butterfly,

and I'd like to help you become the same.

Once I was a caterpillar,

I've cried more tears than an ocean. I've been miserable, and I've inflicted others with my misery. I've been selfish. I've been mean. I've been ungrateful. I've been jealous, and I'm sure I've tried to make others feel this way too. I've been hurt, victimized and cheated on. I've made friends, and ditched them. I've been blamed, cursed at, and abused both mentally and physically. I have blamed others. I've lashed out at strangers, and gnashed teeth at loved ones. I've yelled, screamed and shouted. I've broken hearts, and have had mine trampled on, many, many times. Oh, and I've broken things like property, commitments and silence. I've been reckless, terrified, ashamed and violent. I've been disrespected, and disrespectful.

I've had so many challenges, that I've lost count. Just hang on, there's more. I've been faced with fears, and ran the other way. I've struggled through weight loss and gain. I've struggled with alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. I've battled with vanity, self importance, ego and entitlement. I've cast aside dreams, goals and purpose. I've been forced to do things against my will. I've thrown ethics and beliefs out the window. I've made poor choices. I've loved too much, way too soon. I've been needy, possessive, greedy and broke. I've been swindled, bamboozled and bewildered.

And then, I've given to so many, often out of guilt, sometimes because I thought that's what I was supposed to do. I've settled for discontentment, mediocrity, illusion, delusion and bitterness. I've listened to, and bought into the inner monologue of self-deprecation. I was sucked into the belief that I was not worthy enough to receive anything good in return.

I've prayed for things, I've wished ill will on others, big time. I'd never praised myself, and I had never accepted any praise that I was given. I never felt worthy of much, all I could ever see were my shortcomings, my failures, my mistakes. I lived a very disconnected, sad, lonely and inauthentic life.

until everything started to change.

But then, all of that started to change. And it is still changing. And it can change for everyone. And it is changing for everyone, always. It is unstoppable.

And it literally takes only one consistent thing, or concept, or realization to be seen. It is nothing new, but it may be new to some. It is simple, and yet it's deeply complex, and layered in mystery ... it is Love. L-O-V-E. And it is not the exclusive kind. It is not the passionate kind. It is only one kind... SELF-LOVE

I discovered I was a Butterfly,

Not so many years ago I decided, (or was spiritually guided), to learn to LOVE MYSELF. To get to know myself, to accept myself, as I am. And I've discovered that, I'm still far from perfect. And I still face challenges, but there's something different now. These challenges are no longer feared, or avoided, they are welcomed as lessons, blessings and growth.

It started to shift when I began a daily practice of Self-Love. Taking care of myself, my needs, my mindset, my actions, my speech, my body. I admit, I don't always get it right, and sometimes I still slip back into my old habits, but it is there. Self Love is the underlying Love that keeps my soul alight and my drive alive. This could mean something very different for you, and that is okay too, we are all on our own path. But whatever that path, I would Love for you to cultivate and experience this universal truth, not for me, but for you, that, you can take care of you. It is possible! And it isn't all, "la-la" or "woo-woo", and I can assure you that you don't have to travel to another continent, or realm, to tap into you. You can begin right where you are, without investing a single dollar. But first, you must commit to something please, ***Stop. Beating. Yourself. Up.***

In case you didn't know, You are Enough, as you are, right now. Surrender to the truth, You are made of Love, from Love, and are Love. And, you are also deeply Loved. Not only by me, because we are all the same, but you are actually, intrinsically, Loved by only have to allow it, to see it.

Okay, so perhaps after reading this you still don't see it, that's okay. But ... I want to help You see You, and soon. Life is short and so very precious, You deserve to be the best version of you, you really and truly do.

and I'd like to help you become the same.

Contact me to schedule a complimentary Encouragement session. Because, You are a Miracle! You are Amazing! You are not alone. EVER. You have incredible gifts, stories, treasures and talents to offer this world, more than you can imagine. There is absolutely NOTHING to fear in change. There is absolutely NOTHING to run or hide from, anymore. It's time to show up - not for me, for You. Because, YOU MATTER.

So beautiful soul, Let's Lovingly Connect. I am here to hear. And please, contact me to schedule this session for FREE, with zero strings attached. Well there's a few strings attached, but they're heart strings ... and they are in tune with You.

If you, or someone you know, is in need of Encouragement, please share my offer, and contact me below.

I see You. I hear You. I am You. You are Love and You are Loved.


Spiritual Authentic Resilient Always

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