Now & Then...

    Love is not a reward, given only to those select few

    who manage to penetrate your heart.

    Love is who you are, it is your gift to all beings,

    whether you like them or not.

    Give your Gift of Love today,

    be present, be the light that lights up everyone's lives.

    No matter who they are, be a humble beckoning-beacon of

    illuminated hope and happiness.

    Shine on Lovely sisters & brothers of the universe,

    shine on!

    TORONTO, Ontario (canada)

    1971 to 2010

    Born and raised in Toronto, blessed with loving parents, three brothers and a sister.


    I went to a regular public school, and one for the performing arts. I had friends of all ethnicities and backgrounds, and loved rollerskating every chance I got.


    At one point, I lived on a sailboat with my family (my parents built it!), and when I was 13 we left Canada and travelled to the Bahamas, we were gone for a year...


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    2010 to 2015

    This place was a dream come true, a total paradise on earth. It offered everything from spiritualism to hedonism, bustling with lost and found peoples of all ethnicities, a diverse mosaic of individuals. Everyone was transient, unless you were a native Balinese (or Indonesian), you were just like me, a visitor.

    Finally I was with my tribe...


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    North Carolina (usa)


    After a few incredible years of mountain life in North Georgia, we chose to sell our home to live closer to family. 


    I am happily married, going on 6 years, with two precious stepdaughters and a son-in-law. And I became a dual citizen of Canada and the USA in 2020.


    Vipassana meditation practitioner, writer, poet, photographer, heARTist, lover of all beings, nature junky and Canadian maple syrup guzzler.


    If you're in need of a little encouragement, please feel free to email me.


    Being of service is my purpose. Spreading peace, love and happiness is the mission!



    Listen to my Story!

    An 8 minute snippet

    of my mid-life awakening.

    "On The Run"

    RabbitBox Storytelling

    Creating Community,

    One Story at a Time

    Athens, Georgia, USA

    July 13, 2016

    "Sara lost her job in early 2010, and found herself lost at 38.

    She re-discovered herself after sitting in silence for 10 days.

    Later she found herself across the world in Bali, Indonesia."

    (photo credit: Amy Moss)

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