Whenever you can,

    listen with three ears,

    you'll find the third one in your heart.



    Mission Statement:

    ~ I am a messenger of Love,

    a vessel of Peace,

    and a source of Light. ~


    To be of service to others is my passion, it is undeniably my souls song, and this is why I'm here on earth.


    I hear you.

    I see you.

    I am you.

    You are Love(d).


    You can count on me for; encouragement, support, acceptance, levity, light and truth.

    But above all ... You can count on me for Love.


    I want to see You succeed.

    I want You to feel held & heard.

    I want You to know that You are safe!

    I want You to know that ...

    You are Love(d).


    You can count on me to compassionately Listen.



    It gives me great joy and fulfillment to help You see, embrace, manifest and Love the life that You deserve!


    Achievements & Qualifications:

    I've done the work, but I am also a perpetual student. I know it is all possible. I know how to help You awaken to Your deepest truths, to see Your authentic self, and learn to Love that being. I have been where You are, and have successfully climbed my way out!


    I've passed through many life altering experiences in my 45 years. I've sat for countless hours, alone, in meditative silence. I've faced debilitating fears. I've stared death in the face. I've participated in things willingly and unwillingly that I'm not proud of. I've been in very dark places, and have seen things I wish I could forget. I've had my heart broken. I've been angry. I've been ashamed. I've been hurt. I've been a victim. I've deceived others. I've been depressed... and so much more.


    But all of these situations have made me this strong, resilient, confident, and empowered woman that I am today.


    I went from the desire of taking my own life to



    I know that I am not meant to just "survive", I was breathed into existence to THRIVE! and YOU CAN TOO!


    Are you feeling this with me?

    Is this resonating?

    Is this making your heart race?

    Do you have tears streaming down your cheeks?

    Are you desperately fed up with being small?


    What's it going to take for You to start living a happy, intentional, authentic, peaceful, productive and passionate life?


    It's time to get out of Your head,

    and live from Your heart.


    It's time, sweet one, to step up, stand tall, breathe deep, and begin living a BIG, wild, courageous, wonderful, fulfilling, heart-centered, Love driven life!



    Reach out Now.

    Believe and trust me.

    You are more than ready!

    In fact, You were Born Ready!


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